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 My name is Adzmar Calalagan. Welcome to my personal web site. This is a general web site made for everyone who is willing to know some chicken recipes style. Whoever you are, I hope you can find many useful things here.Watch, Learn and Enjoy:)

Great chicken recipes like these are perfect for pleasing picky eaters and the cooks who like a good, easy meal.

Plain chicken has been dressed up in a variety of different recipes with delicious spices and sauces; then served as chicken casseroles, fried chicken, chicken soup, chicken tenders, and more.

You'll find recipes that have been passed from one family's recipe box to another, the home cooked favorites that folks come to the table and linger a bit longer for.

Undoubtedly chicken is one of the most popular meats in many countries. We can find lots of classic recipes from different countries that use chicken as the main ingredient, such as chicken wing, General Tsos Chicken, chicken curry, Kung Pao Chicken, sesame chicken, chicken cordon bleu, just to mention few.

If you love chicken, just take a look at our collection of chicken recipes. We at droost.yolasite.com have compiled a large database with hundreds of chicken recipes. I´m sure you will find something you would like to try. 

 Chicken is a good source of Protein, Selenium and Niacin (vitamin B). It also contains vitamin B6, phosphorus and Tryptophan. Depending on the chicken recipe, the dish can be cooked low in sodium. As with almost any kind of food, eat chicken with moderation as it is has cholesterol, specially on its skin. But compared to red meat, chicken is a healthy alternative.

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